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 A day to remember..

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A day to remember.. Empty
PostSubject: Re: A day to remember..   A day to remember.. Icon_minitimeSat Aug 09, 2008 3:14 am

What a wonderful story krik!
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PostSubject: Re: A day to remember..   A day to remember.. Icon_minitimeTue Mar 04, 2008 4:53 am

Kirk...That's an AWESOME story!!! You're a very lucky Man!


Fishing isn't just a hobby...It's a lifestyle!
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PostSubject: A day to remember..   A day to remember.. Icon_minitimeMon Mar 03, 2008 8:02 pm

Well this is a tale I have been trying to figure out how to tell this and make it exciting and suspenseful so it will be a great post so here I go.
My youngest daughter (7) and I do alot of fishing together she is quite the little angler she got interested in fishing when she was about 3 and I havent been able to slow her down yet.
Anyway last summer she asked me if we could go out in the float tubes and go catch some bass I told her no float tubes but I know a place we can do excellent from the bank. Well she wrinkled nose shrugged her shoulders and said Ok.
I was sitting at the kitchen table and was watching her go in and out of the back door over and over again wondering what the heck she was doing I finally stopped her and asked her what in the world she was doing. Thye answer was priceless I'm getting all my lures ready so I can catch the big one I smiled and couldn't believe what I was hearing. Kids pay so much attention to things we do even if we don't realize they are. Sure enough there in the living room was her little fanny pack that she carries with all kinds of stuff to go in it more than would obviously fit. Knowing right away where she got everything I had to ask. Well I didnt think you were going to use these ones tomorrow so i thought maybe I could. How could I say no!
ewll she finally got everything ready and we got to the pond at about 7:00 and we started our trek around the pond. While walking around the pond I was trying to teach her how to spot bass on there beds and man did she have a knack for it she had her own polarized sunglasses and she knew how to use them. After about an hour she was fairly well certain she new all that Dad knew and she was ready to go off on her own gettto the hogs before you do was her terminology I think. So I told her go ahead and off she went walking real slow up the bank of the pond staying low as to not to spook the fish and looking where she thought beds migtht be(I had tears in mye eyes).
She walked on an was about 60 yards ahead of me catching dinks and doinks a couple of 1, 1.5 lbers and I must say I was impressed when all of a sudden I see her start waving her arms at me and she gives me the universal big fish sign(hands out showing how big) I kind of thought she was exagerating anyway next thing I know she is going through her pack trying to find Lord knows what. after about 5 minutes or so I see her set the hook like a bass pro and let a scream of joy (she went Ike) I had to reall my reel up and run down the bank to see if she needed help of course she didn't.
Well this fish she had caught was a a real nice largemouth it went about 6 pounds and she fought that fish all by herself figured out what would get it annoyed and drug it right in to her bed and she exploded on it I was so stinking proud. Any way she did that all day with fish and we had a great day we caught so mant big fish including the monster in the picture contest I had hooked that one and let her try to real it in but it gave her a run for her money she finally had to pass the stick. she by herself that day probably caught 25-30 pounds of fish. It was a great day and she is now hooked for life......
Polarized sunglasses ..........9.99

Package of Senkos........5.99

spending the day with your fishing partner
who just happens to be your daughter.......Priceless
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PostSubject: Re: A day to remember..   A day to remember.. Icon_minitime

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A day to remember..
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