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 story from my wife.

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PostSubject: Great Story and nice smallmouth   story from my wife. Icon_minitimeSat Mar 29, 2008 4:00 am

Nice Fish! I love bass fishing. You should send me a larger picture of you and your fish so we can all see both of you better. Nice to meet you Lacie. Welcome to the site. Boy Kirk your getting your whole family involved in the site. I'm glad you all like it enough to want to be involved!


Fishing isn't just a hobby...It's a lifestyle!
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PostSubject: story from my wife.   story from my wife. Icon_minitimeSat Mar 29, 2008 3:25 am

Hey Guy's my wife wanted to write a story about her Smallmouth she caught. ENJOY......

A day of float tubing the South Umpqua is a fishing trip that surpasses any other, having said that I want to share the most memorable trip.

Early in the morning, with the fog still low on the water my husband and I slid into our float tubes on a still pool in the river. Like glass the water that morning was made for poppers. He cast first and no sooner did "Magic"(his yo-zuri popper) hit the water and WHAM!! FISH ON!!. It soon becomes a compatition between the two of us who can catch the most smallies befor we hit the swifter water. I seem to be in the lead most of the time. As we near swift water and a quick change in lures(for me a purple trout spinner)its game on again, running my spinner through the rapids and staying in my float tube proves to be harder than I thought, but Im still in the lead with 23 fish to his 19.
We fish the river all day! the bit slows down as the day passes and our count holds steady. As the day turns to dusk and we are within a 1/4 mile of our get out point, we enter a large pool. The water was dark and so slow there was a build up of alge along the bank. An old snag hung down into the water and Kirk through a few cast at it but no hits and he moved on, but something drew me to that spot. I drifted over to the same spot and cast a 5" green watermellon w/ blk fleck sinko right at the tip of the snag. I had my sinko hooked wacky and it seamed to take forever to find the bottom, when I felt it touch I paused then slowly brought it up off the bottom mabey 2 to 3 feet then lowered my rod and allowed the action of the plastic to do the rest and boy did it! At first I saw my line straighten, then it went slack again. I was sure that I had missed my chance, my heart sank. I was done fishing it had been a long day and combined we had caught 115 smallies. I re-adjusted myself in my tube and reached for my pole to reel in and fold up my pole. All of the sudden my pole was almost jerked from my hand, I leaned back and set the hook! Making sure that My husband new that I had taken the lead again with this fish I yelled FISH ON BABY!! Then all my atention was pulled back to that fish and so was my float tube! This had to be a hawg. He was pulling drag like crazy. If Kirk hadnt heard me yell he sure came paddling to the sound of that reel "ZzzzzzZzzzzzZzzzz". My float tube was all over the place practicly bent in half I brought him to the surface "BooYa!" what a monster! I landed him in my tube and he streached all the way across. he came home with me and mesured 21" long with a 19" girth an easy 6 pounder. What a day!!

story from my wife. LaceysBigSmallie
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story from my wife.
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